Deluxe Hotel Key Cards & Magstripe Cards

Deluxe Hotel Key Cards with a Magnetic Stripe are designed for use throughout the hotel industry. Standard 3.375″ x 2.125″ size. The .030″ construction includes a hard laminate on two sides. The digital print method combined with available numbering and/or consecutive barcoding adds security and value. Custom imprinting on the cards creates value-added opportunities for:

  • Local restaurants
  • Area attractions
  • Personalized meeting and event information

Deluxe Hotel Key Card

Full-Color Deluxe Key Cards, #ST6281
Quantity of Key Cards 125 250 500 1000 1500 2500 5000
Price per Key Card $2.18 $1.37 $0.76 $0.53 $0.49 $0.43 $0.38
Encoding, add per card $0.58 $0.37 $0.20 $0.13 $0.09 $0.06 $0.05
Variable Data/Numbering/Barcodes, add per Card $0.42 $0.26 $0.14 $0.08 $0.06 $0.04 $0.03

An artwork fee of $20 is due before artwork begins.

Magnetic striping is embedded in the lamination on the back of the card.

  • Stripe Width: 0.330″
  • Coercivity: Low – LoCo (300 oe)
  • Number of Tracks: 2

Magstripe Cards can be encoded with data for use in point of sale software applications typically associated with gift cards. Track 1 can contain up to 79 alphanumeric characters and track 2 can contain up to 40 numbers only. Please submit a spreadsheet for encoding data.

Variable data, numbering and barcodes are printed in black ink only. Please submit a spreadsheet with the variable data and/or barcodes. Prices are for one side only.

Popular uses:

  • Gift Cards
  • Key Cards
  • Membership and Loyalty Applications
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