30-Stick Match Books

Various Cover Options for 30-Stick Match Books

Here’s the most cost-effective advertising medium ever invented – 30-stick match books. Match books have no equal in their low cost per use. Customers take home match books and keep them. 30-stick match books are as effective if not more effective than a business card.

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Cover Options for 30-Stick Match Books

Available colors are:

  • Positive print of red, blue, green or black on white
  • Reverse print of white on red, blue, green or black
  • Color assortment of black print on white, yellow. red, green and blue
  • Brown on beige (positive)
  • Beige on brown (reverse)
  • Burgundy on gray (positive)
  • Gray on burgundy (reverse)
  • Black on gold foil

30-Stick Match Books in various cover options

Minimum order for 30-stick custom matchbooks is 1000 books.

Price per 1,000
Quantity 1000 Books 2000 Books 5,000 Books 10,000 Books 20,000 Books
Stock Colors on White
Black on Color Assortment (Positive Print)
$136.21 $117.43 $95.70 $83.93 $80.85
Reverse Stock Colors on White
Reverse Black on Color Assortment
$155.51 $133.79 $108.90 $97.02 $93.17
Brown on Beige
Burgundy on Gray
(Positive Print)
$136.21 $117.43 $95.70 $83.93 $80.85
Reverse Brown on Beige
Reverse Burgundy on Gray
$155.51 $133.79 $108.90 $97.02 $93.17
Black on Gold Foil (Positive or Reverse Print) $126.75 $110.34 $91.74 $83.06 Call

An additional $50 non-refundable artwork layout charge must be paid before work can begin.

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