Inspirational Hand Fans

Select from many beautiful images printed in full color on these Religious Fans. Print your custom information on the back of these Religious Fans.

Inspirational and Religious Fans are printed on curvy rectangular shaped 18-point board with rounded corners coated on 1 side. Wooden handles are glued to the back of the fan. (Stapled handles are available for an additional charge.)

Religious & Inspirational Hand Fan Pricing, per fan

Click here for current pricing on Inspirational Hand Fans. Please Note: Due to the volatile economy, prices may change without notice.

Price includes a full four-color process stock picture on coated front, and your one color imprint on white on the back. Fan is approximately 8″ (not including handle). Custom imprint area is 7″ x 6-3/4″. Allow 1-1/4″ x 4″ in center for the handle. Personalized copy is printed on back only.

Stock Designs Available for Religious Fans

Christ the Lord Hand FanChrist the Lord
Item #SL836
Christ Knocking Church FanChrist Knocking
Item #SL803
Christ with Children Hand FanChrist with Children
Item #SL812
Christ at Dawn Hand FanChrist at Dawn
Item #SL804
The Good Shepherd Inspirational Hand FanThe Good Shepherd
Item #SL802
The Loving Shepherd Hand FanThe Loving Shepherd
Item #SL815
I Am the Way Hand FanI Am the Way
Item #SL805
John 3:16 Religious FanJohn 3:16
Item #SL868
The Cross Religious FansCross
Item #SL875
The Last Supper Church FanThe Last Supper
Item #SL801
Choir Inspirational Hand FansChoir
Item #SL816
Cathedral Window Paper FanCathedral Window
Item #SL837
In Jesus' Name Paper Church FanIn Jesus Name
Item #SL814
Prayerful Inspirational Hand FansPrayerful
Item #SL806
Fishers of Men Inspirational Hand FanFishers of Men
Item #SL871
Angel Inspirational FanAngel
Item #SL876
Chapel in the Woods Religious FansChapel in the Woods
Item #SL808
House of the Lord Religious FansHouse of the Lord
Item #SL872
Peace Inspirational Hand FansPeace
Item #SL874
Abundant Living Inspirational Hand FansAbundant Living
Item #SL863
Ten Commandments Relgious FansThe Ten Commandments
Item #SL810
23rd Psalm Religious Fans23rd Psalm
Item #SL867
Lord's Prayer Religious FansThe Lord’s Prayer
Item #SL865
Serenity Inspirational Hand FansSerenity
Item #SL864
Trails in the Sand Inspirational Hand FansTrails in the Sand
Item #SL862

Other Hand Fans with beautiful full-color stock designs:

If you want to custom print your own Hand Fan, consider: