Steel Real Estate Frames

We offer many Steel Real Estate Frames for signs available in many styles to display your real estate signs the way you want.

Note this page features the more economical “Bolt In” style of Steel Frames. For “Slide In” style see Menu at bottom of this page.

  • 1. Real Estate Heavy Duty Commercial Sign Frames
  • 2. Real Estate Round Rod Frames – for Real Estate Signs
  • 3. Real Estate Sign Frames, Bolt In Style
  • 4. Real Estate Open Style Sign Frames

Please Note: PRICES CHANGE EVERY DAY due to tariff issue.  We may be out of steel with a long wait to manufacture.  CALL EVERY DAY

Heavy Duty Real Estate Frames – Commercial Quality

Rocky Soil? Frozen Ground? No Problem!

The Heavy Duty Style of steel frame is made to be beaten and abused! This is our commercial unit designed for years of service. The frame is made from large 1″ and 3/4″ angle, with offset tops for use with a mallet. We double weld the cross members to ensure a sturdy product.

The frame is readily convertible into many sizes and custom configurations.

18' x 24' Iron Frame With Bottom Rider

These frames are our heavy-duty commercial frames. They are manufactured from 1″ angle iron side legs and 3/4″ angle cross bars. All panels bolt-in securely to the frame.

The Rider version accommodates the main panel size along with a 6″ sign rider section below.

Size: 44″ Tall Frame (fits signs 18H x 24W)

Pictures above denotes the offset aspect of the top corners.

The unique aspect of the Commercial style is that the top corners are offset so that they can be driven in the ground with a mallet. This offset feature reduces the risk of damaging the frame and sign. This feature is also ideal for rocky or hard soil where force is needed for ground insertion.

The Commercial Style is one of our most popular versions, it can be configured into many panel sizes and configurations.

Real Estate Frames – Heavy Duty Commercial – Bolt In Style
Frame Size 25 50
Standard Bottom Rider 18×24 #CR24RS $30.11 $23.06
Standard Bottom Rider 24×24 #CR242RS $30.38 $24.30
Standard Bottom Rider 20×28 #CR28RS $32.86 $24.41
Standard Bottom Rider 24×36 #CR36RS $33.69 $26.55
Standard Bottom Rider 36×24 #CR36HRS $34.38 $27.00
Standard Bottom Rider 36×48 #CR48RS $70.00 $56.25

Heavy Duty Frame Hole Slots

Note: Production Time is normally 10 – 15 business days. Call for Large Quantity Discounts.

Real Estate Signs

Use Round Rod Frames – Bolt In

The Traditional Round Rod Frame for Real Estate Signs

Classic round rod “Banjo” frames are one of the more popular styles on the market today. They are stylish and affordable.
Frames are in both heavy duty 1/2″ round rod material and also THE NEW ECONOMY 3/8″ Round Rod material. These frames have 3/4″ wide flat strip crossbars.

The legs are mitered for easy ground insertion. These are rugged and dependable frames that are both cost effective and durable.

45″ Tall Frame (fits signs 18H x 24W)
45″ Tall Frame (fits signs 20H x 28W)
Banjo Style Real Estate Frames

Real Estate Round Rod (Banjo) Sign Frames
Description H x W (Made in America)  
RR-24 H.Duty 18h x 24w   1/2″ $17.85
R-24Economy 18h x 24w  3/8″ Economy $14.49
RR-242 H.Duty 24h x 24w   1/2″ $18.80
RR-242Economy 24h x 24w   3/8″ Economy $15.75
RR-28 H.Duty only 20h x 28w   1/2″ $18.80
R-30 H.Duty only 18h x 30w   1/2″ $20.48
Cost per each. Order in multiples of 6. 

Call for Quantities over 6

Real Estate Frames – Style Bolt-in Frames

Bottom Rider Style

Bolt In Bottom Rider Real Estate Frames

Made from 3/4″ angle with rounded corners. This frame has pre-punched mounting slots for panel attachment. The frame has a main panel section with a 6″ rider section below. A quality product to make a quality impression with your real estate signs.

Packed 6pc/carton

Top Rider Style

Top Rider Sign Frames

Same frame as listed above only this frame has a main panel section with a 6″ rider section above. Contact us for prices not listed on the web site.

Packed 6pc/carton

Top and Bottom Style

Bolt In Real Estate Frames with Top and Bottom Riders

Same great frame above with the main panel section but offers a 6″ rider section above and below. Ideal for real estate signs and for real estate riders.

Picture Design Style Frames (No Rider)

Real Estate Frames with No Rider RS-PD24Real Estate Frames with No Rider RS-PD28

Solid 3/4″ angle with rounded corners. Pre-punched mounting slots for easy panel attachment. The pointed legs provide ease of ground insertion.
RS-PD24 or RS-PD28

Real Estate Frames – Bolt In Style
Note: Production Time may be 10 business days.
Frame Size   Price Each
Bottom Rider 18×24   $18.95
Top Rider 18×24   $18.95
Top and Bottom Rider 18×24   $21.95
Standard No Rider 24×24   $18.95
Bottom Rider 24×24   $19.95
Top Rider 24×24   $19.95
Top and Bottom Rider 24×24   $24.95
Standard 20×28 (Bolt-In Frame)   $24.95
Standard 24×36   $25.95
Standard 36×24   $25.95
Open Top Frame 18×24 (24 inch will also fit) MINIMUM 50 515 $19.95
No Rider 18h x 24w (Picture Design Style Frames shown above) 515 $20.54
No Rider 20h x 28w (Picture Design Style Frames shown above) 515 $21.73
Other sizes available. Contact us for quotes and custom manufacturing.   Call for Quote

Call us for large orders, and ask for quantity discount.
Normally sold in units of 6. Quantity discounts apply for 12 or more.

Real Estate Frames with Bottom Rider
Real Estate Sign Frames 18×24 – Bottom Rider
BEST SELLER- Mass Produced – Best Priced

Price per Steel Sign Frame

Quantity 6 12 24 48 96 192 306
Frame Bottom Rider
Black only
$18.95 $14.95 $12.85 $11.85 $10.75 $9.95 $9.55

Open Top Frame

Our Prudential style “Open Top” frame is designed to be used with custom cut panels. The frame is open at the top to allow your panel to stick out up above the side legs. Call for discount prices.

Size: 42″ Tall Frame (fits signs 18H x 24W)

NOTE: Custom Sizes Available Per Clients Instructions. Call for price quote.

For Best Selling, Low Cost, High Density Plastic Open Top Stands visit Sign Stands

The HR series of frames is unique by the distinctive notched and folded corners of the angle. This picture shows what this process looks like.
Frame Corner

Other sizes available. Contact us for quotes and custom manufacturing. Call for Quote

Please Note: PRICES CHANGE EVERY DAY due to tariff issue.  We may be out of steel with a long wait to manufacture.  CALL EVERY DAY

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